Adair Kaiser

Executive producer, writer, director, show runner, casting and development


When I was in high school, they gave our class the brand new cable television station to run. We ran the cameras, were on-camera, wrote the news and produced commercials and entertainment shows.

I’ve been making TV and films ever since.

Adair Kaiser is a natural born storyteller.  For more than twenty years she has written, produced and directed award-winning documentaries and highly-rated television programs. These include the theatrically released documentary The Race to Save 100 Years, which was recognized by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for outstanding achievement in documentary film production, to the MGM Archival Project where she interviewed more than two hundred producers, directors, writers, and stars about the Golden Age of Hollywood for Turner Entertainment.  She also wrote and produced documentaries on the making of classic films such as Dr. Zhivago, Ben Hur and Meet Me in St. Louis.  She traveled extensively as the on-set behind-the-scenes producer for Turner Original Productions.  

Adair’s work has been featured on:

Adair produced the independent film Bridge of Wings about female Russian bomber pilots, cast and directed a series pilot about Appalachia for The History Channel. From concept to casting to filming, Kaiser directed the female homicide detectives who were then selected for the TLC series “Women of Homicide”.  Her Current projects include the documentary, River Rats, a film about the colorful characters who work the Mississippi River;  acting as script supervisor and associate director for web-series, Johnny Dynamo, The Accidental President, and Frost;  House Band, a ten-year project documenting East Nashville musicians she hired to renovate her dilapidated historic house; and a film about Music City fashion designer and bon vivant Manuel.  With literally thousands of interviews under her belt and hundreds of hours of footage, Adair Kaiser is well poised to tell another story.

A few highlights:

  • Wrote and produced a documentary about film preservation and worked closely with Martin Scorcese;
  • Hopped around the globe producing a travel show for the Discovery Channel;
  • Produced the MGM archival project documenting the Golden Age of Hollywood;
  • Wrote and produced community and advocacy outreach programming;
  • Cast fascinating characters of numerous colorful docu-reality programs; and
  • Financed and produced various documentaries and pilots such as House Band, where she hired all musicians to renovate a house in Nashville; a celebrity-centric cooking show with Chef Paul Luna; and an around the world flying adventure about female Russian bomber pilots.